I do webinars with partners:

Adoptive Parents Webinar 1: AQA

Adult adoptee Simon answers adoptive parents’ questions drawing on:

  1. what he's learned navigating tough emotions and the 7 core issues of adoption

  2. working with kids to help them do that and coaching parents in his approach

  3. relevant insights, tools, and strategies from his T.H.R.I.V.E. model: Trauma Informed - Hope Obsessed, Healing Demystified, Revealing Resilience, Insights Into Identity, Vision For The Future, Empowering Your Child.

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Adoptive Parents Webinar 2: Changing Behaviour

Changing challenging behavior is often parents’ most immediate concern. Because what they do doesn’t work. So what do we need to do differently? How do we need to change so they change? How do we empower children to change their own behavior?


Adult adoptee Simon draws upon his own experience and learnings to guide you through an empowering framework for change that you can tailor to change your own situation.

Adoptee Webinar: Fundamentally Unwoundable

We know adoption isn’t rainbows and unicorns. Reading and believing The Primal Wound was a huge relief. It explained everything. Especially the overwhelming loss, anger, and insecurity. Especially how I saw myself. I was flawed, damaged goods. So I set about figuring out how to change that.


So how do we become whole? How do we develop that secure sense of self and get comfortable in our own skins? To get through the contact sport that is life being triggered less? That’s what I’ll share with you in an interactive Q & A/format.

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Adoptive Families Webinar: Comfortable In Our Own Skins

We all want to feel good. We all want to feel good about ourselves.  We want the same for our kids. So why do we feel the way we do? How can we navigate our feelings more easily? What gets in the way of feeling good?


This webinar is all about answering those questions. Creating a common language to talk about feelings in a non-threatening way. Simplifying the complexities so we understand more with frameworks that work for parents and kids.

Here's what one partner said after a webinar

“That was an excellent webinar, grounded for sure, generously personal, and with some great advice for our members. You have a brilliant way of being in the world and strive to share with others resources to help them navigate some of the most difficult areas of life. Thank you, you are very much appreciated.”