Simon Benn - The Children's Happiness Coach

Helping schools improve results

The ever increasing demands on schools to improve results puts heads and teachers under incredible and unrelenting pressure to achieve more with less. All the work I do is tailored to the needs of your individual school and improving your school's results because:

  • Schools that focus on children’s social and emotional wellbeing experience significant gains in academic attainment.
  • There is a significant correlation between happiness and academic success. 

You and your pupils' needs first. Here are some of the ways I can help:

  • workshops to address particular areas of concern eg resilience, confidence before SATs, transition to secondary school, reducing bullying
  • class, group and one-to-one coaching (eg for your Pupil Premium children) to improve behaviour and attainment
  • cost-effective, high impact ways to inspire children and deliver Ofsted's criteria and the PSHE Association's Scheme of Work.
"Fantastic way to protect children against bullying"
Peter Wanless
Chief Executive

Meeting Ofsted's Criteria

Prevent bullying - including online bullying and prejudice-based bullying. 

Hurt children hurt children. Our work helps children understand and manage their emotions so they’re less likely to become angry and bully others.

Our work helps:

  • improve pupils’ personal development,
  • children understand their emotions so they can manage their behaviour
  • and improves their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Children receiving the Pupil Premium are often the most vulnerable. Our work is a great way to invest the pupil premium in these children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing, and success.

Supporting the PSHE curriculum

We appreciate that timetables are tight. Our work delivers the following parts of the PSHE Association's Programme of Study.

  • Self-improvement 

  • Resilience 
  • Self-regulation 
  • Developing and maintaining a healthy self-concept
  • Empathy and compassion


Quotes from teachers

"Schools have to prove that they are addressing bullying and have a clear strategy in place. This is a great way to support them.” 

Emma McNicholl, Teacher

"Had such a positive effect that I even ended up feeling the positive effects.” 

Emma Arnold, Children’s Support Worker

"The Juicer certainly has a positive impact on children's emotional health. It shows kids that they can control their own thoughts and emotions.”

 Suzanne Ratcliffe, Teacher

Evaluation of kindness/anti-bullying workshop - 60 Year 5/6 pupils 

% answering yes to the following questions

Will you be nicer to others? 100%

Are you more resilient? 90%

Did you enjoy the workshop? 100%

Did you find it useful? 100%

Did it help you understand your thoughts and feelings? 96%

Will you be able to change your thoughts more easily? 91%

Will you be able to change your feelings more easily? 95%

Will you be able to change your actions more easily? 94%

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