Digital materials: How To Stop Your Child Being Bullied At School booklet, template letters/emails and action list


Support calls: 2 x 30 minute phone/Zoom/FaceTime calls to help stop your child being bullied:

  • a process to calm yourself down so you can approach teachers, head teachers etc. in an effective manner
  • guidance on helping your child stop being picked on and avoiding the bullies
  • tips on what to expect from the authorities so you’re better prepared to deal with them
  • how to prepare, manage and follow up every meeting and escalate it up the command chain with template letters/emails to all parties:


Step 1: Prepare

Step 2: Talk with your child

Step 3: First meeting with Class Teacher

Step 4: Second meeting with Class teacher

Step 5: Meeting with Head Teacher

Step 6: Meeting with Governors

Step 7: Meeting with local County Councillor

Step 8: Write to local MP

Step 9: Write to Minister for Education

Step 10: Contact local police


What do parents say?

“It worked.” Fay


“Simon helped me to be clear rather than emotional and my son isn’t being bullied any more.” Jane


“Template letters saved me time and got the bullying stopped.” Mike

Stop Your Child Being Bullied At School - Click for Info



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