Simon Benn - The Children's Happiness Coach

Parents are busy so I've set out what you tend to ask as FAQs below

What is that you do exactly?

I help children be happier, more confident and resilient to bullying.

Is this therapy?

No it's fun. Because children learn most when they're having fun, playing games and doing activities they love.

What is The Juicer?

The Juicer is the proven mindset tool to empower your child to be happy, confident and resilient to bullies.

Why does it work?

Happiness, confidence and all your feelings come from your thoughts - that's why thinking about your happiest memories - like the very first time you held your child - makes you feel happy. So good thoughts make us feel good. Children use The Juicer to put good thoughts into their heads and get rid of bad ones. They close the lid to stop bullies putting bad thoughts in. Learning how to do this means they feel good - as 10 year old Sophie put it:

"I love putting happy apples into my Juicer because happy apple juice makes me happy. I shut the lid to stop bullies putting nasty nectarines into my head. Simples."

How does it work?

Children learn - through fun - that feelings come from thoughts. This means they can change their thoughts and therefore, how they feel. They use The Juicer mindset tool to do this - putting happy apples into the top (their heads) to make happy apples from their hearts, which they drink to make them feel happy. If they're feeling sad, it just means that a sad strawberry has got in, which they can change with a smiley strawberry. Crucially they learn how to shut the lid on The Juicer to stop bullies putting in the bad blackberries that will make them feel bad.

Don't they teach this in schools?

No. Some schools teach Social and Emotional Learning and PSHE, but they don't teach children where their feelings come from, how to change how they feel or how to stop others upsetting them.

How can I be sure it will work for my child?

If it doesn't I'll give you your money back, but why am I so confident?

Over 1,200 7 to 11 year olds have already benefitted from the games and activities.

32% say they're now able to ignore bullies.

One before and after test revealed they'd be happier and more confident an extra 2 hours a day.

95% said they can change how they feel more easily in another test.

The video on the home page may only have white middle class children but their comments are representative of what others from different areas and of different backgrounds.

Are you a child psychologist?

No. I've been in education and educational publishing for 30 years. I've taken what's helped me in 10 years of personal development and converted that into child friendly games, activities, a comic and activity book by working with 1,200 children.

How many children have benefited from it?

Over 1,200 7 to 11 year olds have already learned how to:

"put happy apples into their Juicers to be happy"

"use confident coconuts when doing new things"

"close the lid on the Juicer to stop bullies upsetting them."

(These are the children's words - not mine!)

What more proof can you share with me?

Alex and the bullies at dance class

Here's a short case study to prove the approach works.

The classroom went silent as the children mulled over what they’d learned.

After a couple of minutes, Alex beckoned me over.

She wanted to share something she didn’t want the others to hear.

Her story struck me dumb.

She’d joined a dance class and got too good, too quickly for the other girls' liking.

They didn’t like her or her talent, one little bit.

They’d started calling her a show off and a teacher’s pet because they didn’t like the fact that she was new to the class and and already the best dancer.

The bullying had got worse, but it never happened when the dance teacher was around.

And Alex didn’t feel she could tell the teacher…what good would it do? 

She felt sad, alone and lonely.

Finally, she just hadn’t been able to stand the bullying any more, even though she loved dancing.

So she’d stopped going to classes.

Then she finished her tale by whispering to me, delighted, excited and over the moon…

“Because of what I’ve learned today I can go back to dance class and ignore the bullies.”

I was delighted, excited and over the moon for her.

My programme worked for Alex.

It’s worked for 1200 other 7 to 11 year olds.

It will work for your child.