Simon Benn - The Children's Happiness Coach

 Let's make your children happy, confident and their dreams come true...

Perhaps you're tearing your hair out because your child is being bullied, concerned about their lack of confidence or worried how they get upset when things don’t go their way.

What if you could help your child to manage their emotions and cope better with life's ups and downs? Imagine if getting called nasty names simply didn’t hurt them any more. If you could just make sure your child was happy?

You've come to the right place - I'm a DBS/CRB approved children's happiness coach who's run activity sessions with 1,200 6 to 12 year olds and parents. Here's what children tell me afterwards:

  • They're happy and confident an extra 2 hours a day.
  • 95% can change their feeling more easily so they can feel good whatever happens.
  • 90% are more resilient to bullying so other children can't upset them.

So what do we actually do during these sessions? We simply play games and do activities that help children feel good and ignore bullies who pick on them. This is fun, not therapy! Because kids learn more that way. Watch the video below to see how The Juicer mindset tool helps children.

Here's what one mum said after coming to one of my fun sessions:

'If I can give anything to my boy it would be the empowerment to tackle what comes his way with positivity and confidence. Simon has a great gift of being able to connect with children and soon had Alex smiling and feeling more relaxed. My son sums up the inspiration and positivity we both felt perfectly. "I loved today mum, Simon is such fun. I can't believe how easy it is to think happy thoughts, but I'd like to learn more. Can we see him again?" We will. We can't recommend Simon enough.' Jo Maltby.

Alex learns to ignore bullies

Alex (8) wanted to be a dancer like Darcy on Strictly. So she’d joined a dance class and became too good, too quickly for the other girls' liking. They didn’t like her, or her talent, one little bit. They’d started calling her a show off because they didn’t like the fact that she was new to the class and and already the best dancer. The bullying had got worse, but it never happened when the dance teacher was around. And Alex didn’t feel she could tell the teacher…what good would it do? She felt sad, alone and lonely. Finally, she just hadn’t been able to stand the bullying any more. So she’d stopped going to classes. I ran one of my workshops in her school 2 months later. That's when she told me her story which she ended with a beautiful bombshell…Because of what I’ve learned today I can go back to dance class. The bullies aren't go to stop me doing what I love doing. And I simply LOVE dancing." 

John's confidence blossoms

John (10) and wanted to be a dancer too. So he'd entered a competition to be Billy Elliott in the West End. He'd won through to the regional finals on a Monday morning during the school holidays. Just one problem - he was so nervous about dancing the next day he couldn't sleep. Then he remembered what he'd learned in a workshop with me a couple of months' before. He took control of his nerves and was sound asleep just a couple of minutes later. All was going well the following day but suddenly the nerves were back until, once again he remembered what he'd learned. He put his nerves to one side to give the performance of his life and is now on his way to the national finals in London.

Lauren can finally believe in herself

11 year old Lauren's passion is swimming. Here's what she said after just one session. "I can feel more confident about swimming myself and motivate myself more. I can picture myself being a professional swimmer and making my dream come true. Thank you for making me believe in myself."That struck a chord with me because my dad taught me to swim when I was really little, in fact I swam a width of the local pool the day before I was 4. I still swim today. It's a hobby not a passion. My passion is helping kids be happy, confident and make their dreams come true so their feedback means the world to me.


How do I know my child would benefit?

I've worked with 1200 6 to 12 year olds so I know what works and what doesn't. 95% of children say they can manage their emotions better and they're happy and confident an extra 2 hours a day.

Do they have to been bullied to benefit?

No. I empower children to manage their emotions so they can be happy. Becoming immune to bullying is just one of the benefits children mention.

How do you make kids more resilient without making them too assertive/aggressive?

The kids have a leap in their inner strength/consciousness at the sessions - it's not about being assertive/aggressive it's just about becoming immune so negative comments don't upset them.

Can you work with the bully? They are often bullying as a result of having been bullied…

Yes one girl told me about being in a bad mood and about taking this out on her friend. Then something had twigged and she'd realised she was bullying her friend. She'd broke down in tears, told him and promised to never be nasty to anyone again. She was 10. Amazing. Helping kids manage their emotions helps them manage their behaviour.

Are you a therapist? Is this therapy?

No. I'm a coach who brings children's natural ability to be happy with games and activities they love. My approach is fun not therapy.