M for Magic

How do I make more magical moments?

Magic. Okay. So I was talking to a mum last week and we were going right back in time to when her 10 year old daughter was born. And she was telling me how she felt in those first moments of her daughter's life. And it just filled me. She filled up with love and emotion and so did I. 

So she was explaining to me how just a whole torrent, a whole tidal wave of love completely enveloped seeing her daughter for the first time. She was speechless. She was lost for words. She was crying, tears of joy were running down her face. She was in touch with a sense of magic in a sense, and this brought, you know, that as she explained how this was going on it really just touched her heart and touched my heart. 

And I experienced a true moment of magic and that's who we truly are. That magic is who we really truly are, that sense of love. It's like being in a big bath of love, a lovely, lovely warm bath of love. And I still see it was that magical, magical moment and then she told me what happened was obviously she had this tidal wave of love, but the next thing was this incredible desire to protect her daughter. 

And the voice started going in her head, you know, that voice that we've all got in our head. The one that people used to say that we were mad if we have had, but we all have so we're all mad if that's the truth. And it was about the incessant, how are you going to take care of this? How are you going to take care of this beautiful little girl that you've just given birth to? And it was chattering and chattering away in her ear. And that's what happens, isn't it? That's the difference between who we truly are in that space of love. This is a magic moment. We're lost in our words we don't have, we're overtaken by emotions. We’re swept away by love. And that's who we are. That's who we truly are. 

The negative voice in our head that comes in on the back of that is the one that distorts it, you know that that gets rid of them and the magic, that destroys the magic. So this. The way to have magical moments is to notice that's who we truly are, that magic. Son fell off his bike. Yeah. You started crying. Emotions are natural and will bounce back. 

Kids bounce back quicker than adults. You see that all the time. They bounce back quicker and they connect to who they truly are without- they haven't got that voice in their head or the voice in their head hasn't got as it hasn't got the recovery, isn't as repetitive, doesn't distract them from their magical moments and we can do the same. We can notice that negative voice in our head and we can just ignore it.