G for Gratitude

How can I explain gratitude to my child?

Parents want their children to be more grateful because we all know that having more gratitude makes happier with what we’ve got. So how to explain thankful and gratitude to a child is really important to mums and dads. Especially if they’re looking to teach a spoiled child appreciation.

This article is all about being grateful and having an attitude of gratitude. If we have more gratitude it just means we appreciate what we have more. And so there are a lot of these things around this, these gratitude journals and listing things that we are grateful for. And I've got to admit, I have tried this. I tried this a few years ago. It’s a simple task sounds pretty easy and straightforward. What are the things that I am grateful for? I'm grateful for a lovely wife, lovely group of friends, family, lovely house, great lifestyle and pursuing my dream about helping kids be happy, helping mums and dads help their kids be happy. So I pursued my dream house. I'm grateful for those things. But as I said, what are you grateful for? And maybe you could write a list down of the things that you are grateful for. Yes, it just helps to kind of focus on what we're what we're grateful for. 

But to me it doesn't really cut the mustard. Maybe I'm doing something wrong with my gratitude journaling. Yes maybe I’m doing something wrong. It doesn't seem to have the depth to me, doesn't seem to have that depth of feeling to me. It feels like a bit like a logical process, doesn’t it, in our head. And the real thing we're after is feelings, obviously, we've been talking the last couple of days about feelings coming from thoughts. But just the thought of being grateful didn't have a lot of impact for me. 

So, where is it then? Where is the impact? Well, what's the difference? What's the difference that makes the difference? For me, this was something that happened to me last week or the week before about this time in the morning, just coming back with my wife from walking the two dogs – they’d been in the river. And I'd heard a mentor say the previous day on a Zoom call, he said something like, what if we had a fantastic life only we didn't realise? And I thought, yeah, there's a little insight there, something that occurred to me.  And then walking back with the dogs the following morning and my mind was quiet, I was at peace and then suddenly this tsunami – tsunami is a sort of negative word, but I just mean a really powerful wave of gratitude kind of flooded my body. In that moment, I was taken to another space where I was truly grateful for everything. It was a tingling, it was a tingling in my fingers. It was a warmth that kind of started in my head and it ran all the way through my body down to my toes, tingling my fingers as it went. And I felt peace and at one with the world. And for me, that's gratitude.

That depth coming from deep within us, not outside. The world doesn't realise that --- perfect lives. I don't know, I can't speak for everybody in the world, I can speak for myself. And in that moment, I felt that. Now that's where it's at. For me, that's where the power is for me. It's in the feeling. It's not in the thought. It's not in the logic of going through a tick box scheme. For me, maybe just for me, just my personal opinion, it's in the depth of the feeling. And I'm pointing you to that feeling in the hope that that helps you in some way. I'm going to leave it with that. See you. Let’s all have more gratitude. Let’s be more grateful. We are gratitude army.