What do you do?

I empower parents who want to inspire their children to be confident, resilient and happy.

Do you work with my child?

No. I work with you. You know your child best so you're the best person to support them.

How does it work?

I give you the knowledge, skills and tools to help your child be confident, resilient and happy in a fun way. You also get a comic, activity book and video with puzzles, quizzes colouring in and drawing activities to do with your child that help them learn.


Yes. Kids learn more when they're having fun. The learn how to manage their moods, reactions and behaviour.

How do I know it will work for my child?

It's worked for 1,600 8 to 11 year olds. I'll show how to make it work with yours.

Are you a parenting coach?

No. I won't tell you how to parent or make you wrong. That voice in our heads always tells us we are wrong. The last thing you need is another critic.

What about my child's behaviour?

Our behaviour is driven by emotions, so I empower you to go upstream of behaviour to the feelings causing it.

So you're a child psychologist?

No. I'm a coach who's developed a really simple, playful way for children to understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Once they understand, they change. And it's fast. 91% of kids say they can change their feelings after a 40 minute session with my process.

What if my child won't open up?

No problem. I'll show you how to do that by engaging them with what matters to them. 

What willI I have to share with you?

Nothing you don't want to talk about. And everything we discuss is totally confidential.

Next step?

Call me for a chat to find out more - 01423 359 379.

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