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Stop Your Child Being Bullied At School

Dear Parent

There’s only one thing more upsetting than seeing your own flesh and blood upset - that's being unable to stop that upset. If your child is being bullied then you'll be tearing your hair out because you just want to end the pain.

Perhaps the school has said they will stop the bully picking on your child but hasn't been able to do so and you're not sure what to do next. Your child is still being picked on, getting called nasty names, being intentionally left out by others or getting death stares in the playground.

You want to take the matter to someone with the power to stop the bullying but you don't know who or how. Maybe you're worried about getting your words right or so upset you can't concentrate on what to say. It can even worse if you were bullied yourself and the horrible memories are coming flooding back to you. Perhaps your endless fretting is keeping you awake and stopping you making progress to end this horrible episode.

  • How would the support of an expert give you peace of mind?
  • How would a step-by-step process give you clarity on what to do next?
  • How would knowing how the system works give you the confidence to tackle those in authority?
  • How would seeing light at the end of the tunnel spur you on?

So you can get your happy carefree child back and they can go to school with a smile on their face.

Read on to find about my coaching programme to help you stop the bullying and end the upset.

Work With Me To Stop Your Child Being Bullied...

I'll guide and support you through a step by step process to stop the bullying:

  1. identifying the people to contact - approaching more senior people in more powerful organisations - not stopping until the bullying stops
  2. drafting emails and letters to ensure you get taken seriously, listened to and things happen as pressure is bought to bare on the school by the authorities
  3. helping you prepare for meetings and follow up all sessions to ensure the steps agreed at meetings are taken because of our persistence
  4. giving you the emotional and practical support to get through the process as painlessly as possible.

I'll also empower your child to ignore bullies with my marvellous mindset machine - The Juicer.

  • Your child will learn how feelings come from thoughts like juice comes from fruit and how get rid of bad banana juice with happy apples .
  • They will also learn how to close the lid on The Juicer - so cruel words from bullies can't upset them. In fact the same skills as just the children in the video and 1200 other boys and girls who've already become bully-proof through my proven process - it's fun - not therapy.
  • You'll always be present and involved every step of the way so you know exactly what's going on and can support your child in between coaching sessions.

All coaching sessions are done at your own home or over Skype/Zoom so you and your child are comfortable and to make life easier for your busy family.Watch the video below to hear what some children learned in just 30 minutes.

Here is what you get for £350:

  1. 4 one hour coaching sessions to help you and your child
  2. Videos, a comic and activity book to have fun and learn between sessions
  3. Email/phone support between sessions.

This will cost £350. Please call 01423 359 379 or email to find out more