I'm Simon, a coach who works with parents

My mission is to support parents who want to make sure their children are confident, resilient and happy. I do that by using what I've learned working with over 1,600 children in over 50 schools and 22 years in educational publishing.


I was a mostly happy child apart from being bullied for my buck teeth at school and at scout camp where an older boy's cruel humiliation made my life a misery. I left university in 1989 and went into the family educational publishing business.


We published 8 million copies of Roald Dahl’s Guide To Railway Safety to stop children playing on railway lines. And also created materials for BBC, Thames Water, WWF, Tesco, Vodafone and hundreds of other large organisations.

I took over the business in 1995 when my parents retired. The business became my life and its performance decided my mood.


I worried constantly about failing and even when success came it felt hollow. So I got into personal development to find happiness, eventually sold my business and become a coach.


I started working with kids in 2013 and found my true vocation – inspiring kids to be happy and working with their parents to do that face-to-face, on the phone and via Zoom/Facetime.


I’ve used what I learned in publishing to create resources for parents to empower and inspire their children.


My mission is to support parents who want to make sure their children are happy.

Jack Cherry 

I wrote Jack Cherry and The Juicer to share the secret to happiness with children. The Activity Book builds on that with fun puzzles and quizzes to help them choose their mood. Jack Cherry's Recipe for SATs Success helps children be more confident so they can do their best in tests.

Roal Dahl's Guide to Railway Safety

We published Roald Dahl's Guide to Railway Safety to keep children safe when they're near railway lines, at stations and on trains.


Would you like tips on how to tackle a particular challenge with your child?


Simon Benn - Coach - I show parents how to empower their children to feel great.

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