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"My 7 year old had started suffering with separation anxiety and lacking in confidence. It had been quite sudden and we were willing to try anything to try sort it out for her. Entering school seemed to be trigger. I showed her your comic and suggested we should try it for her situation at school. Well yesterday was the first day in a few weeks now with no meltdown, So thank you!"  SNB

Are you a parent tearing your hair out because your child is being bullied, concerned about their confidence or worried about their happiness? Perhaps they're struggling handling friendships, tests or coping with their feelings.

Or maybe you just want to do more to help them make their dreams come true.

Perhaps you're a headteacher looking for a proven way to help your pupils be happy, behave better, learn and achieve more.

I work with parents and schools to empower their children to be happy, confident and make their dreams come true:

  • helping parents and teachers learn my proven process so they can share that with their children
  • running sessions with parents/teachers present - you'll always be there if I'm working with your children!

I'm a coach who empowers children - boosting their happiness, confidence and resilience. I help you/them to deal with low level niggles and stop them escalating. I actually prefer to prevent any of those niggles happening at all. If your child is really suffering you need CAMHS.

I've helped 1,200 6 to 12 year olds over the last 4 years. They tell me:

  • They're happy and confident an extra 2 hours a day.
  • 95% can change how they feel more easily.
  • 90% are more resilient to bullying.

You can watch children talking about how learning about The Juicer mindset tool on this page.

Do you want your children to be happy, confident and make their dreams come true?

I'd love to help whether that's with one-to-one coaching or group sessions.

1. Call me on 01423 359 379

2. Email me at

3. Click the comic cover for a free Juicer comic and some anti-bullying tips.

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Simon Benn - CRB/DBS approved Children’s Coach

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"I can't believe how easy it is to think happy thoughts." Alex, 7 

"Simon was able to make a huge difference in just one hour." 

Jo - Alex's mum

"Has a profoundly positive impact on children's emotional wellbeing"
Suzanne Ratcliffe
"It's an incredibly positive approach."
Laurie Wilcox
"REALLY helps children be happy.”
Anthea Punter
Prof Jonathan Bradshaw
Global Authority on Children’s Wellbeing
University of York